[volt-nuts] Fluke 750A production history / serial numbers

Christopher Brown cbrown at woods.net
Fri Feb 8 04:10:33 EST 2013

Wondering if anyone is familiar with the 750A history and serial # ranges?

Just sat down and went through a recently arrived 750A.  Was very surprised.

Came in what appears to be the original box, with original undamaged
manual.  Manual labeled as pre-release version for S/N 123 and later
with an unused tag inside for mail in to receive a copy of the release
version of the manual.

Unit turned out to be perfect, inside and out.  No damage, rework, etc.
 Only thing I noticed is that one of the switches needs the nut
tightened.  Even those darn clear thermoplastic switch supports that
_always_ break are intact.

Looking at the later manual, P/N update codes it only lists 123 and on,
123 - 217 and 218 on.

Anyone know what the first S/N sold was and how many were produced?
What makes me wonder is that I have S/N 176 in the garage, and my other
750s all have 5+ digit S/Ns top left instead of bottom left.

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