[volt-nuts] HP3458a available

Frank Stellmach frank.stellmach at freenet.de
Fri Feb 8 12:34:20 EST 2013

Hello Paul,

both errors are not doumented in the service /repair manual.

It seems to be very clear, that those three DALLAS non volatile RAMs are 
defective (battery low) and have to be replaced only (~ 30$), plus 

You might run the elaborate test, perhaps some additional errors show up.
In the movie, it sounds, as if there are one or two more errors during 
measurement, not only the #110 (ACAL REQUIRED).
Try to recall them.

Afterwards run an ACAL ALL, and if this does not clear the faults, an 
CAL with 10V / 10kOhm, as precise as possible. Before that, write down 
the calibration constants 1,2 (CAL? 1), or make a complete dump of the 
RAMs content.
But I suppose, that the calibration is lost anyhow.

If that clears all errors, and the instrument takes meaningful readings 
(until its switched off), then the probability is high, that the NVRAMs 
are the only problem.

I would also not send this prototype back to agilent for repair, as its 
totally unusual, that such devices show up outside the manufacturing 
company. Agilent might refuse to repair the unit in best case, or even 

Therefore, the value of this instrument depends on your detailed failure 
I assume that you may still earn several k$.


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