[volt-nuts] Seek full Manual - EDC DC millivolt calibrator E100C

John Lofgren jlofgren at lsr.com
Mon Mar 18 16:27:55 EDT 2013

I had a similar experience with an old K-H function generator.  I just called them up and they e-mailed me a scan of the manual.  A thumbs-up from me, too.

Other test equipment vendors should take note.


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On Sun, 17 Mar 2013 20:16:29 -0500, J. L. Trantham wrote:

> CFO,
> Several months ago, I bought an EDC CR103 DC Current and Voltage
> Standard and ran into the same problem.
> I emailed Kron-Hite, asking if the manual was available, if so, how
> much,
> etc.  The reply was an emailed .PDF complete manual, schematics and
> everything.
> You might try asking them if they still have the manual available, etc.
> Couldn't hurt.
> Good luck.
> Joe

Hi Joe 

Thank you for the tip.
I followed your advice , and emailed Kron-Hite service , asking if it 
would be possible to get a copy of the service manual.

And i just got a very plesant response from 
their Service Department Manager , with the complete E100C service manual 
attached. and a best of luck with the restoration project.

Thumbs up Krohn-Hite , and thank you for the excellent service.

CFO - Denmark

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