[volt-nuts] current-nut question .. total waste of ones time type question

Brent Gordon volt-nuts at adobe-labs.com
Tue Apr 29 15:06:37 EDT 2014

Years ago I installed a TED-1000 (now obsolete) system from 
<http://www.theenergydetective.com/>.  Their software is terrible but 
the system works.  This system uses two current transformers and a 
single voltage measurement system that all go inside your circuit 
breaker box.  I don't recall the sampling rate (1 KHz maybe).  The 
instantaneous voltage and current measurements are multiplied, summed, 
and transmitted once per second.  The data is transmitted to a receiver 
using the house wiring (similar to X-10).  People have hacked the system 
to use their own receiver.

I haven't directly measured accuracy; monthly totals are usually about 
5% low when compared to my electric bill.  The software compensates for 
missing readings.  Resolution seems to be around 10 watts.


On 4/29/2014 11:25 AM, Pete Lancashire wrote:
> Next spring I'm going be rewiring my house. And for 'fun' I want to drop a
> couple current sensors on the input side of the main panel.
> Being a beginner 'nut', I'm looking for more accuracy then needed.
> Voltage, Frequency, waveform will be taken care of later, but accurate
> current has be a bit flustered.
> I've been reading up on CT's Iron core and Ferrite, and on Rogowski coils.
> And the many new IC's on the market that take care of a lot of things.
> Has someone done this before ? And if so any experiences to share ?
> -pete

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