[volt-nuts] HP3458A calibration memory backup

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 7 02:24:26 EDT 2014

Unfortunately,  I accidentally over-wrote the files where the data was changing when I gave my dumping program batch file the wrong file name...  but  it was MREAD location 60ECA (RAM byte offset 0765).  On one dump it was 01 and another it was 05.  I didn't write down what it was the other time.  On the dumps,  the second and fourth dumps were different from the first one,  the third and first were the same (and I think the value stabilized at 01).  I have the machine powered off and am going to try again and see if it still changes.  Previously the machine had been off for a couple of months.
There is a possibility it was a glitch in the GPIB-RS232 conversion... but the location was always the same one.


>If you mail those files to me, I can try to see if that bit matters.


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