[volt-nuts] Fluke 732A themistor reading

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    I have 6 ea Fluke 732A instruments.  The results of being an over the
edge and deeply obsessed "Volt Nut", they just kept adding (reproducing?)
over the years.  My readings for the themistors range from 3.407K OHMS to
4.514K OHMS and all work just fine.  3.6K OHMS would seem just fine to me.
It really depends upon the final inside temp of the oven assembly.  The one
with 3.407K OHMS measures around 47.5 degrees C while the others are around
45 C.  It is the stability of this reading over time that is very important.
Fluke says that it could change as much as 10 ohms per month but mine are
rock solid for years and years.


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> Can anyone tell me what value to expect for a Fluke 732A thermistor
> reading?  I am looking to get a used 732A and one of the things I was told
> to look for is to measure the thermistor reading after the unit has heated
> up for at least an hour.  I saw in one of the posts that a "typical"
> reading was 4950 ohms.  One vendor I asked said he measured about 3600
> after a two hour warmup. I was concerned that this is too low.  What do
> guys think?
> Thanks,
> Randy
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