[volt-nuts] Fluke 732A Questions

J. L. Trantham jltran at att.net
Thu Jan 2 13:31:16 EST 2014

I just spoke with Fluke about calibration options for the 732A and how to
connect an external battery pack.


There are three calibration options:


1.        Z540                                      $700

2.       Accredited                          $1000

3.       Primary Standards Lab   $1485


These are described on their website:


The Fluke part number for the male plug to connect to the socket on the back
of the battery module, 732A-7005, is 2181497 and is available for $12.75.  I
ordered two.  With that, I can construct a transit case with room for
external batteries and be able to ship it overnight to Fluke for


The folks in calibration service suggested I send them an email requesting
the value of the Thermistor and whether old/original calibration
certificates might still be available and they would forward it to the folks
that, at one time, were in charge of keeping that information.  At one time,
that information was kept but, according to them, no one wanted it.
Therefore, they no longer keep that information.  


However, perhaps it might be available for this 'vintage' equipment.


We'll see.


Thanks to all for their help.



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