[volt-nuts] PWM voltage divider

John Devereux john at devereux.me.uk
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"Ulrich Bangert" <df6jb at ulrich-bangert.de> writes:

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>> I'm thinking of using a PWM divider for voltage generation of 
>> adjustable DC voltages from a voltage reference.
>> Does anyone have any pointers to circuits, solutions, 
>> topologies, error analysis etc. for such solutions?
>> Jan
> Jan,
> with standard PWM generated from a microcontroller the repetition rates of
> the signal may get VERY slow with higher resolutions, making it difficult to
> make a pure DC signal from. You should consider to use a Sigma-Delta DAC
> which is very easy to program in a microcontroller. I have used AVR Megas
> with software Sigma Delta DACs and precision analogue multiplexers to switch
> between the reference and GND up to 20 bits of resolution. Worked fine!
> Best regards
> Ulrich

Another approach is to combine a "coarse" and "fine" PWM (as Fluke do in
their calibrators I think).


John Devereux

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