[volt-nuts] PWM voltage divider / now "Voltage divider"

John Devereux john at devereux.me.uk
Wed Jan 8 13:05:51 EST 2014

Jan Fredriksson <jan at 41hz.com> writes:

> Wow, that triggered a lot of replies, thanks!!!
> Now I think I would like to change the subject of the posting to "Voltage
> divider"; what I want to do is generate voltages (from a voltage reference)
> by whatever tecnology is practical. I ruled out resistor divider as to
> complex and then PWM seemed an obvious path as I worked quite a lot with
> switch mode amplifiers. But I will also take a second look at DACs. I
> remember there is an LT? paper on a 20 bit reference DAC solution. This is
> brainstorming time!


That uses a 24 bit ~1ppm ADC to measure and correct the output of a less
accurate DAC. It is a nice idea, but it is also possible - now - to
simply go out and buy a 20 bit DAC.


> So, I got a lot of reading and thinking to do...

Have fun!


John Devereux

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