[volt-nuts] linux-gpib python dmm logger example

cfo xnews3 at luna.dyndns.dk
Fri Jan 10 02:54:04 EST 2014


I have just played a bit with the python bindings on linux-gpib.
I'm a total beginner with python , so it might not be "neat" ... But it 
works , err. handling is none existant atm.

I'm logging my Geller SVR (K2015) and SVR-T (3457A) , and also logging 
temperatures via a homebuild USB-AVR 4xDS18B20 logger , using pyserial.

I have attached a few examples , on eevblog if you want to see how :

And my dm-temp.py program , if anyone wants to have a look.
Python seems to be a nice program for doing these tasks.

The .csv  Collumns are : Date ; Time ; HP Temp ; HP Volt;Keithley Temp; 
keithley Volt


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