[volt-nuts] PWM voltage divider

John Devereux john at devereux.me.uk
Fri Jan 10 03:13:39 EST 2014

Randy Evans <randallgrayevans at yahoo.com> writes:

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> On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 5:31 PM PST Charles Steinmetz wrote:
>>Randy wrote:
>>> Does anyone have sources for the Fluke 5440 manual and the Datron
>>> 4910 manuals with schematics.  I looked on K04BB's site and Fluke's
>>> site but all I could find were user manuals with no schematics.
>>The Fluke site has a copy of the 5440B/AF service manual (operator
>> manual, too).  I just checked and it's still there.  The search
>> function on the US site does not always work properly.  If you have
>> problems, try the UK site.
>>Enough of the Datron schematics are posted to the eevblog to see
>> what's going on, along with commentary.  It's in a thread on the
>> LTZ1000.

> Charles,
> I looked over the list of videos on eevblog but I didn't see anything
> on Datron equipment.  The list is not indexed so I had to manually
> search the list.  I looked several times to no avail.  Do know which
> episode it was?

Hi Randy, 

It's not a video, see:


(why this list got so quiet until recently)

You'll have to read through the thread to find the Datron stuff, but it
is a good read!


John Devereux

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