[volt-nuts] What makes a HP3458A so expensive

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Thu Jan 16 14:10:46 EST 2014

Attila wrote:

>These beasts are sold for 3kUSD and up on ebay, while e.g. a Fluke 8845
>which seems comparable (beside being 6 1/2 digits) that sells for 1500CHF new.
>So, what makes the HP3458A so expensive?

Ummmm -- two more digits??

Given the difficulty of improving accuracy and precision by two 
orders of magnitude over a 6-1/2 digit meter, it's surprising they 
aren't $30k.  The comparable Fluke is the 8508A, not the 8845 (which 
is comparable to the HP 3456A).  Another generally comparable meter 
is the Keithly 2002.  The Solartron/Schlumberger (and I think a third 
vendor sold the same meter) 7081 is the value leader in 8-1/2 digit 
meters, but in practice they are not in the same league as the 
3458A/8508A/2002 meters.

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