[volt-nuts] Need info on L&N 4214 temp vs resistance plot..

Mitch Van Ochten mitch at vincentelectronics.com
Fri Jul 11 07:25:59 EDT 2014

Hi Willy,

For what it's worth I have attached the resistance vs. temperature curve for
my 10 k Rubicon which is of similar construction. It has a peak at about
23.5 degrees C.

Best regards,


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I'm guessing that the 4214 10K standard has a resistance curve that peaks
around 73F??? I've searched for old pix of data and can't find any. The 4214
I got this week had no old, original data with it in its box.

Over the past few years there have been some resistance standards sold on
fleabay with pictures of temp vs. resistor value charts pasted on the top
cover.  They may not have been 4214s, though. I also just discovered that
fleabay drops its pix on items sold past a certain date.

So, volt-nuts.... any help??? Alphas, Betas, charts?


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