[volt-nuts] Matched resistors

Randy Evans randyevans2688 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 20:44:10 EDT 2014

I am building a 10V voltage reference based on the LTZ1000 and the design
is essentially done but I am looking for a pair of matched resistors that
track very closely over temperature.  The absolute value of the pair is not
important, anything between 50K and 200K ohms would be ideal, but the
matching ratio is very important.

 I looked at the 100K ohm LT5400 quad resistor array from Linear Technology
but it has a worst case long term accelerated shelf life spec of 10 ppm (at
150C) matching ratio and long term matching ratio drift of <4ppm (at 70C).
 I would like something much tighter if possible since that would mean I
likely don't need an oven for a couple of ppm worst case accuracy over time
and temperature.  I can make the LT5400 work but I would need to do
temperature characterization and circuit compensation.  Doable but

Does anyone have any ideas for a good ratio matched resistor pair,
hopefully not too expensive?


Randy Evans

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