[volt-nuts] Matched resistors

Frank Stellmach frank.stellmach at freenet.de
Thu Jul 17 00:40:59 EDT 2014


resistor matched in T.C. are extremely expensive, as the manufacturer 
(or yourself) would have to select these from a batch of many samples.

reistors with very small T.C. (<1ppm/K) would do the job also, but they 
also need to be stable over time, in shelf life opereation mode, i.e. 

That means, you need those hermetically sealed VHP202Z from Vishay, T.C. 
is typically < 1ppm/K and they are stable to < 2ppm over 5years. But 
they cost already 80€ each, depending on tolerance.

I made a longterm observation of these and found these parameters confirmed.


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