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and yes, I forgot: only down-dividing of course, so to reach 10V, two LTZ1000 would be needed in series. advantage is that noise statistically is reduced by factor of about 1.4. formally also applies to drift.

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> On 07/17/2014 10:26 AM, Randy Evans wrote:
> > Frank,
> >
> > The high cost is my concern, although high performance demands high price
> > typically.  I am trying to double the voltage reference from either an
> > LM399 or LTZ1000, hence the need for precision matched resistors for a x2
> > non-inverting amplifier (using a LT1151 precision op amp).  An alternative
> > I am investigating is using the LTC1043 in a voltage doubling circuit as
> > shown in Linear Technology app note AN 42, page 6, Figure 16.  It states
> > that Vout = 2xVin +/- 5 ppm.  I am less concerned about the absolute
> > accuracy than I am about the long term stability.  I assume that a high
> > quality capacitor is required (low leakage, low ESR, low dielectric
> > absorbtion, etc.) but the circuit does not appear to be dependent on the
> > absolute value of the capacitors.  I'm not sure if the two 1uF caps  need
> > to be matched.  If they do then that would be a show stopper.
> >
> > Does anyone have any experience using the LTC1043 in such a circuit?
> Hi Randy,
> There are some other error sources that might need to be considered when using
> the LTC1043.
> I have not used the LTC1043, but note that on the data sheet there is a small
> charge injection at each of the switch pins. In the multiply by 2 circuit shown
> on the data sheet they are using 1 ufd caps.  Typical charge injection (depends
> on voltage level) is 8 pC. With the 1 ufd caps this is 8 uV.  I assume there is
> some offsetting effect - but this might be a significant contributor to the 5
> ppm error that is mentioned.
> There is also a 6 nA (typical) leakage mentioned.  During the "hold" time (
> about 1 msec) of the output 1 ufd cap this comes to 6 uV.
> Regards,
> Bob Smither
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