[volt-nuts] Precision resistor testing

Todd Micallef tmicallef at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 19:41:58 EST 2014

Andreas has a good thread on EEVblog


I am guessing that you want to calculate the alpha and beta coefficients
over a certain temperature range? I am also interested in doing something
similar, having collected different bits of gear. I already have the
modified box and peltier controller. The temperature chamber will be
similar to what Joe Geller used for his references.


I do not know of any company or person that offers this service.  It would
certainly make a good volt-nut project.


On Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 5:36 PM, Richard Moore <richiem5683 at gmail.com>

> I’ve built a little box with two 10kohm precision resistor assemblies,
> using Fluke resistors — one ass’y is two 20k managing wire on shellacked
> mica cards in parallel, and the other is made of eight 5k wire wounds in
> sealed green plastic cases in series/parallel. These are not exactly 10k
> ohms each, but are about 30ppm (high) for the mica card, and 20ppm (low)
> for the green plastics, according to my HP 3458A.
> I would like to get them accurately characterized, but never having done
> this, I don’t know who to have do it or how much it would cost. Any ideas
> or suggestions? They can be shipped anywhere cheaply as the box is small,
> light, and very durable.
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