[volt-nuts] LTZ1000A Heater Temp (Ben Clark)

Jan Fredriksson jan at 41hz.com
Thu Feb 12 06:51:49 EST 2015

I posted a plot of calculated resistor values versus temperature in
the LTZ1000 thread on the EVV blog yetserday. Email me if you can't
find it.

I guess the 3458A was specified to be used at north pole and desert
heat, that's why they have such a high temperature setting. They could
have a "laboratory version" and a "field version" of the reference....

I have a NI-4071 PXI DMM with a LTZ1000 and it uses 14.3 ratio to
fulfill the PXI specified temperature range. Still higher than optimal
for stability but the temperature in my PXI rack is typically 40C at
20C room temperature.


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