[volt-nuts] Calibration of voltage standards --- DIY switch/scannors

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Mon Feb 16 02:25:22 EST 2015

On 16/02/2015 06:45, 张利民 wrote:
> Hi M K,
> Sorry about that, I have posted a new thread on EEVBLOG with added photos.
> http://www.eevblog.com/forum/projects/diy-low-thermal-emf-switchscanner-for-comparisons-of-voltage-and-resistor-stand/
> lymex/bg2vo
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>> On 13/02/2015 01:40, 张利民 wrote:
>>> Dear Ken Peek,
>>> I designed a powerless automatic 2*4 low thermal EMF switch for 3458A, 34401A and 34420A(works also on my R6581T and 1281). It performs great and I use it as my main comparison tool for 10V and 10k standards.
>>> http://bbs.38hot.net/thread-1186-1-1.html
>> lymex/bg2vo
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>>>> I forgot to mention that I also own a PPM Inc. Model AVM-100 null meter.
>>>> Works great on AC but I need to replace the NiCd batteries for it to
>>>> work on batteries.  It has a 1uV scale, and it is a bit noisy on that
>>>> scale.  I intend to modify it to get batter 1/f noise specs on the 1uV
>>>> scale.
>>>> Does anyone know where I can get [or how to make] a low-thermal-EMF
>>>> switch [or relay]?  This would need to be a DPDT type to be able to
>>>> reverse the connection to the meter.  Ideas?
>> Hi Lymex,
>> Great idea. I will have to spend some time looking over the google
>> translate version of your text, as unfortunately it seems that here in
>> the United Kingdom we cannot see any in line images from 38hot. I guess
>> I would have to sign up to see them? And even the video of your box
>> would not stream for me.
Hi Lymex,

Amazing lab you have there. Thanks.


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