[volt-nuts] Junior Member Lost Shirt on 720a KVM Purchase

frank.stellmach at freenet.de frank.stellmach at freenet.de
Wed Mar 25 07:38:35 EDT 2015

Hi Stan,
The Deck A switch is a 3 layer, 1 to 12 type.
I assume that one of the (ceramic?) layers is broken.
You may desolder and disassemble the switch, to find out.
Maybe it's repairable ( i doubt that).
So you may get a spare part from Fluke, as I think, they still manufacture these instruments.
Or you may get such a switch from IET Labs, as they also actually produce a clone of this.
You may also order a custom made replacement from ELMA.
They offer a modular precision switch, gold plated contacts, Type 04
The isolation resistance is high enough, only the contact resistance is not so well specified, and may degrade the performance of the 720A.

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