[volt-nuts] Junior Member Lost Shirt on 720a KVM Purchase

Dallas Smith dosmith at outlook.com
Wed Mar 25 11:37:39 EDT 2015

Hi Stan,

You might try this switch:

<cid:part1.09050105.05060705 at outlook.com>

It's a 30 amp (for low contact resistance) silver plated 12 positions, 
four decks. It may have a diameter that is too large. You will solder 
the wires to the switch, remove screws.
I used it in my metrology switching center posted on:


Its is currently listed on mouser as Obsolete, I purchased these about 
two years ago.


On 3/25/2015 7:38 AM, frank.stellmach at freenet.de wrote:
> Hi Stan,
> The Deck A switch is a 3 layer, 1 to 12 type.
> I assume that one of the (ceramic?) layers is broken.
> You may desolder and disassemble the switch, to find out.
> Maybe it's repairable ( i doubt that).
> So you may get a spare part from Fluke, as I think, they still manufacture these instruments.
> Or you may get such a switch from IET Labs, as they also actually produce a clone of this.
> You may also order a custom made replacement from ELMA.
> They offer a modular precision switch, gold plated contacts, Type 04
> The isolation resistance is high enough, only the contact resistance is not so well specified, and may degrade the performance of the 720A.
> http://www.elma.com/en-eu/products/rotary-switches/rotary-switching-products/product-pages/type-04-detail/
> Frank
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