[volt-nuts] Junior Member Lost Shirt on 720a KVM Purchase

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Fri Mar 27 11:51:15 EDT 2015

Building is always a possibility... back in the day, that is how
all of these things got made.


I have to wonder what went wrong with the original that can't be
repaired easily?  Or at the very least, for $1000?

Back when I was a kid, I worked for a company as a silver plater,
and I replated modified BNC connectors, and switch parts... it is
really quite easy, and doesn't require all that much equipment or
supplies.... compared to $1000.

I'm sure I could fix it for half that price ;-)

-Chuck Harris

OBTW, if the OP thinks his 720 is a lost cause, and is beyond
economical repair, I would gladly pay him to ship it to me.
I operate under a different standard of what can, and cannot
be repaired than most.

Tony wrote:
> You could consider making your own - it's a switch, not rocket science. Layout a
> radial contact pattern and get some PCB's made up at a cheap PCB facility for $10 or
> so. Get them gold plated - possibly $20 or so? Ideally the gold would be alloyed to
> make it harder and more durable and 2 or 3 um thick. Make the wiping contacts from
> gold plated copper strip and fashion some sort of spring to apply an appropriate
> contact force. Use several if necessary to reduce the contact resistance
> sufficiently. Solder to the inner most part of the radial contacts to minimise
> thermal EMFs (by keeping all solder joints as close as possible for best thermal
> equilibrium).

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