[volt-nuts] Datron 1281 cal ram data backup

Ludger.Lenzen at gmx.de Ludger.Lenzen at gmx.de
Mon Mar 30 14:32:52 EDT 2015

Note: I have also posted at EEVBLOG forum.
In my Datron 1281 (8.5 digit) bench DMM it seems, some of the electrolytics haved aged and need to be replace. I like to save the CAL-RAM content for security before working on (A backup is a good idea anyhow, if the battery drops).
Does anyone know how to do (is there maybe a GPIB dump possible like for the HP3458A)?
For sure it is possible to wire an LOGIC ANALYZER to the RAM and read out to file. But this is a risky job and my damage the content by accident. Thus I like to use another more secure method.


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Betreff: [volt-nuts] HP3458A cal ram data dumper program
John Miles has included my HP-3458A cal ram data dumper program in the latest release of his excellent GPIB Toolkit package. You can download it from the KE5FX web site. The released version produces the formatted listing of the various cal RAM values in its output (it is the same version of the data dumper that I put up on tinyupload.com).
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