[volt-nuts] "*WAY* too expensive for even Keysight to redesign"

Will willvolts at gmail.com
Mon May 11 05:11:04 EDT 2015

I talked about this with a friend who works for the semiconductor
industry. He had a feeling that the new 3458A meters don't last as
long as the old ones.

He had compared two faulty Malaysia made meters with close serial
numbers and found a component which had a 1980s date code in one meter
and 1990s in another.

He was a little worried about the combination of manufacturing in
Malaysia and buying obsolete components probably from the local
sources. When fake and "cleaned" components have found their way to
trains, aeroplanes and even defence electronics, why would the 3458A
be an exception.

2015-05-08 15.38 UTC+03.00, frank.stellmach at freenet.de
<frank.stellmach at freenet.de>:

> Many components of the 3458A are already obsolete, or endangered by PTNs,
> not to speak about all these through-hole components. I've already seen
> pictures about a piggy-back solutions for several ICs, and maybe they have
> to use that already for the new production, especially the two fast
> comparators EL2010, U142 & U181, used with the A/D.
> The 68HC000 is also obsolete in the DIL package, and the SMD package is 'not
> for new design' already.

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