[volt-nuts] "*WAY* too expensive for even Keysight to redesign"

Daniel Mendes dmendesf at gmail.com
Wed May 13 12:55:30 EDT 2015

 From the site you linked: "Our life cycle management program assures 
you of a dependable, quality source of obsolete IC's forever. "

Now it was my turn of having a good laugh.. thanks for that, I didnĀ“t 
knew that this service existed.


On 13/05/2015 13:37, Marv @ Home wrote:
> Aside, there are private fabrication houses that make short runs of 
> obsolete chips in order to keep mission critical electronics running, 
> such as in aerospace and military applications.  I'm not sure what 
> Keysight would actually do, but I would presume not only do they 
> stockpile key parts, both active and passives, as well as full boards 
> for board level swaps, but periodic re-checking their inventory for 
> functional integrity can be a never ending task as components age 
> beyond their expected operational life.  If parts truly were to become 
> obsolete even beyond private fabrication, their management should 
> design replacements boards and field test them way in advance of parts 
> becoming extinct, until they decided the product was not worth 
> maintaining.
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