[volt-nuts] Wavetek 1281 - Calibration Key

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> Unfortunately, when I had my keys made for the 4700, I took the lock out 
> of
> a broken 1071 to the locksmith. I originally showed them photos of an
> actual key and they looked at me like I was crazy. I could only find two
> locksmiths near me for the 4700 and a Valhalla 2724A. Both wanted a lock
> before they would try to brute force a new key. It appears that the locks
> are different with the Wavetek gear.
> I have already sent a message to the seller of the 1271 and I hope to hear
> something soon. If not, I will desolder the wires and remove the lock and
> carry it to one of the locksmiths. At least they only charged me $10 for
> the time and two keys for my Valhalla.
> On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 12:32 PM, gilbenl at nickgilbert.org <
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>> Assuming the Wavetek branded meters use the same key as the Datron, the
>> link below is a 1071 cal/service manual from KO4BB, which has a really 
>> good
>> photocopy of the calibration key on the last page. Print on cardstock,
>> sharpie the notches on a suitable blank, take the marked blank to a
>> locksmith or cut yourself. Better yet, see if the other seller will send
>> you some photos of the 1271 key. Same process applies.
>> I just gave a locksmith the picture and he did all the leg work for $15
>> and I had it same-day.

Sometimes there is a number and a name on the key. Googleing the number will 
sometimes find a like key. Also, a locksmith may also be able to find a 

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