[volt-nuts] Differential amplifier >=1Mhz

Demian Martin demianm.pds at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 21:20:24 EST 2015

Depending on the requirements there are several vendors of differential amp-probes. For quick and dirty testing like you mentioned look at this: https://www.quantasylum.com/content/Products/QA190.aspx  For less than $100 and including a current clamp (AC only) it’s a good deal. QA has a number of tools (scope, source, audio analyzer) that are very high value. 

There are other diff probes. A Google search will find a lot of options depending on whether you are looking for high gain or high voltage, but they start at around $500. They have replaced the older model of the preamp + probes it seems.

> Hello Mark.
> Yes, the AM502 is the thing I am searching, but they are not very 
> cheap for a 1977 vintage, in particular adding the mainframe.
> It's possible that in 38 years no maker did anything like?
> Looking better, all other modules I saw aren't equipped with front 
> panel output, because are in effect vertical oscilloscope amplifiers 
> and thus the output is on the backplane. And they are not cheap also.
> Best regards,
> Andrea Baldoni

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