[volt-nuts] Differential amplifier >=1Mhz

Laurence Motteram LMotteram at scientific-devices.com.au
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Stanford Research Systems have the SR560 stand-alone and the SIM910 and SIM911 amplifiers.  The SIM modules can be used without the mainframe.

Good gear, but possibly outside of budget as new.

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Someone knows if it's possible to find on the market at a reasonable price differential amplifiers instruments (packaged with power supply, connectors, gain knobs, etc.)?
Nothing extreme, 1MHz BW, decent Voffset but not autozero... just to use them in the lab to condition signals, to save time before making ad-hoc circuits on the breadboard.

I found plenty of cheap old HP and TEK plug in modules for oscilloscopes (but then you must add an enclosure with power supply and the thing start to be heavy to ship to EU) or very expensive special purpose devices...

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Andrea Baldoni
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