[volt-nuts] Low-cost voltage reference questions

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Hi all,
Just a note:
On my own project, I had used the MAX6350 in the prototype and the major 
downside for me was the thermal hysterysis it had. Then again, I had mounted 
a small crystal heater on top of it (set to 32degC +/- 0.1degC)......and I 
was pushing the limits as I was trying to resolve down to 38uV on a 0-10Vdc 
range using the 6350 as the 18bit DAC's 5V ref.

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Andreas wrote:

>Hello Lars,  or course you are right: the AD587 (10V) and AD586 (5V) 
>are the best (unheated) chips with hermetically package today.

I'm curious why you think the AD587/586 are better than other 
hermetically packaged references with better drift and noise 
specifications -- in particular,


(see attached table).  (Note that the hermetic version of the MAX6350 
has a 2.5ppm/C drift spec, not 1ppm/C as listed in the table for a 
different package.)

The 587 has a better long-term drift spec than the 6360 and the 6655 
(but note that the 587 is 3x worse than the REF102 in this 
regard).  To my mind, the better tempco and noise of the 6350 and 
6655 outweigh the better long-term drift of the 587 in an overall ranking.

Best regards,


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