[volt-nuts] Fluke 750a batteries.............

David Garrido d.garrido at me.com
Fri Sep 25 08:53:40 EDT 2015

Hello All,

I posted this over at the HP yahoo group as well, so pardon the redundancy if you belong to both or more.

My new to me Fluke 750a reference divider arrived last evening and I have been having one heck of a time finding info on replacement battery options others have used on their 750a's.  Fluke spec'd (2) 6.7v mercury cell batteries for the overload protection circuit and these are clearly no longer available.  What is everyone using for power?  I am hoping to not use a separate DC supply for this app.

The only manual I can find is here:

http://bama.edebris.com/manuals/fluke/750a/ <http://bama.edebris.com/manuals/fluke/750a/>

I have been able to find Wein batteries that are 1.35v zinc/air and I could stack and shrink wrap 5 of those in series to arrive at 6.75 very stable volts, but they are a minimum of $4.50 each cell.  I was hoping to find a more affordable / elegant solution.

Will the circuit handle (2) 3.6v Li-Ion in series instead?

Any thoughts?



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