[volt-nuts] Datron 1281 NVRAM woes

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Tue Apr 12 23:03:26 EDT 2016

What I would think is the case here (had that on a 4920 ac standard, similar/same CPU board) is that the SRAM has failed. Replacing it means a new calibration though.
So you may wish to carefully check before. Are you in Germany? Can also drop me a PM.

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> Betreff: [volt-nuts] Datron 1281 NVRAM woes
> Hello,
> all of a sudden my beloved Datron 1281 stopped working.
> If briefly displays the familiar 
> "DCV: Auto 100mV......"
> but then
> "Secondary NV C/SUM ERROR 2101"
> and then 
> "9005.7 No Rtx    001B42"
> The voltages from the DC board PS seem okay, also the
> battery displays only a bit less than 3.7Vol.
> Obviously I wonder whether anything can be done here.
> In particular I wonder about the NVRAM setup,
> namely whether "Secondary" could be just a safety copy
> of the "Primary". Or whether this is the less important
> set of self-cal constants, etc.
> I couldn't find any info in the various manuals. 
> Also the second error seems to have to do with
> serial comm, and it is not evident that is has anything
> to do with with the first error. If not, then they could have
> a common underlying reason, like a faulty PS.
> The PS of the digital board is different than as the one
> described in the manual, so I can't really check the voltages
> meaningfully. Does anybode have schematics of this
> second (I hear common) type of digital board?
> Or knows otherwise what the voltages on the various 
> test points are supposed to be?
> Thanks,
> Bert
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