[volt-nuts] Datron 1281 NVRAM woes

Bert Kachler bkachler at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 17 13:33:01 EDT 2016

Todd Micallef <tmicallef at ...> writes:

> One interesting note is that on one meter the readout can give repeated
> characters if upside-down. But once it is right side up, the display is
> fine. The only thing that comes to mind is the EPROMs are failing. I plan
> on upgrading both soon so I can try it again.

Hi Todd, did you mean that the display depends on the physical
orientation of the meter?  Lol! Maybe a bad solder point or so...
Here, I am waiting for Eproms in order to proceed in the easiest
direction, to start.  I will keep you posted. Thanks for info!


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