[volt-nuts] Replacement displays for Solartron 70x1 meters

BIll Ezell wje at quackers.net
Tue Apr 19 12:19:36 EDT 2016

The FG209 VFDs came in about 6 or so variants, mostly having to do with whether or not it had decimal points, +/- signs, etc.
The M2 variant is the exact replacement for 7081's, 71's and 61's, and that's the one on EBay.
I've also used the C2 variant in my 7081.
I was looking for my Noritake datasheet to find out the differences, but I apparently didn't save it and now it seems impossible to find. Sigh.

I was just pointed to eBay listing 271905098924 (thank you Peter) which has
some of the Noritake FG209 VFDs that I am pretty sure fit the Solartron 70x1
meters, should anyone need one.

Bill Ezell
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