[volt-nuts] PCB Artist

Andreas Bergmann mounty at mounty.de
Tue Dec 13 02:38:23 EST 2016

Hi Randy,
On 13.12.2016 01:39, Randy Evans wrote:
 > Does anyone have experience with PCBArtist?  It looks pretty good for
 > 2-layer board up to 60 in^2 for $33 but I have no experience with it.  I
 > was looking at Eagle PCB but it's pretty expensive for a 4-layer 
 > version.

I have the Maker license from CadSoft (Eagle).
It can do 6 Layers and it costs 169.- U$ but it is limited to 160 * 100mm²

KiCAD may be a nice alternative:

With PCBArtist I do not have any experince.



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