[volt-nuts] Solartron 7081 .. what to look for

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I have a key that will fit the 'Cal' switch on the front panel and I'll be happy to send you a copy if you need it.

You don't need the key to take the cover off.  There are four 'dzus' fasteners  on the top and bottom that will allow you to remove the covers.

You don't need the key to put the meter in the 'Cal' mode but it allows you to do it while leaving the covers on.  IIRC, removing a wire from the 'Cal' switch will put the meter in the 'Cal' mode.  IIRC, the switch is 'closed' in the 'Normal' position and 'open' in the 'Cal' position.  To achieve the 'Cal' mode, just removing a wire from the switch will do the job, IIRC.  Easy to test to make sure I'm correct.  Just remove the wires from the switch (they slide off) and measure to see if it is 'open' or 'closed'.

There are a couple of batteries (at least one) that might need to be replaced.  Easy to measure the voltage and see the date code.  Needed for keeping the 'state' but not the Cal constants, IIRC.

The connectors for the front and rear panel input connectors can be 'injured' by making connections without the proper connector but you can use some temporary connections to make the tests you refer to.  I have the specifics about the proper connectors if you need them.  They are in the 'archives' I think.

Good meters but slow compared to the 3458A.

Hope this helps.


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I just won a Solartron 7081, hopefully did not pay too much.

I have 30 days ROR.

Other then the usual things in any used piece of equipment, obvious damage, Perfume of Allen Bradly, error messages What are some of the thing I should be looking for.

The bad news is I do not have a cable or key. Is the key needed to take the cover off ?

Someone in the past said the had the key type and a drawing or scan of the key are you still here ?

I could coble up a cable to do the basic E/I/R checks or is there someone in or near Portland Oregon that has one ?


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