[volt-nuts] Fluke 332B

David C. Partridge david.partridge at perdrix.co.uk
Sun Jul 9 06:38:55 EDT 2017

I have the offer of a bare PCB for a replacement chopper circuit which is described here:


When running through the calibration of the unit last night, I found that it was really quite noisy with the output varying by 10s of micro-volts, and the calibration potentiometers were also quite noisy and difficult to set accurately (I was using NPLC 100 setting).

So, is it worthwhile to replace the chopper amplifier board and replace electrolytic caps or would that just make marginal improvements (I saw one of Dr. Frank's posts on EEVBLOG indicating that these were quite noisy beasts).

If it would still be an unstable, noisy brute after I finished that, then I think I'll put it on eBay ...

Now to try to lug the 4808 up to my work room to see it that will work!

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Following this thread eagerly -- I just won a 332B on ebay last week!

On Sat, Jul 8, 2017 at 9:05 AM, Dave M <dgminala at mediacombb.net> wrote:

> David,
> I have a 332B as well, although it's been loaned out for the past 
> couple of years to a friend.  I have the US Army manual PDF also, and 
> have found it to be pretty complete, at least complete enough to get 
> us through a couple of repairs.
> What is missing from the manual?
> The second page in the PDF has a statement that says:
> "This manual is an authentication of the manufacturer’s commercial 
> literature which, through usage, has been found to cover the data 
> required to operate and maintain this equipment. Since the manual was 
> not prepared in accordance with military specifications, the format 
> has not been structured to consider level of maintenance, nor to 
> include a formal section on depot overhaul standards.
> This manual contains copyrighted information that is printed with 
> permission of John Fluke Manufacturing Company, Seattle, Washington."
> From that statement, I expect that the Army manual is just a 
> reproduction of the commercial Fluke manual for the 332B.
> Cheers,
> Dave M
> David C. Partridge wrote:
>> Amongst the stuff I recently acquired is a Fluke 332B (sn 4151).
>> I found the manual for the 332D on the Fluke website, but can't find 
>> one specifically for the 332B apart from an incomplete US Army 
>> version.
>> I have some questions:
>> 1) Does anyone know where I can find the matching manual
>> 2) If not, how useful is the 332D manual?
>> 3) It was last calibrated in 2010, and appears to be consistently low 
>> in output (about 5mV at 100V, 25mV at 500V, 50mV at 1000V) after 
>> being on for an hour.  Is that the sort of error I should expect 
>> after that period?
>> 4) I'm leery of the chopper amp, did anyone (Dr. Frank?) do a 
>> retrofit using a modern chopper op-amp or similar?
>> Thanks
>> Dave
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