[volt-nuts] Fluke 332B

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Sun Jul 9 08:31:15 EDT 2017

David wrote:

> When running through the calibration of the unit last night, I found that it was really quite noisy
> So, is it worthwhile to replace the chopper amplifier board and replace electrolytic caps or would that just make marginal improvements
> If it would still be an unstable, noisy brute after I finished that, then I think I'll put it on eBay ...

My experience with these extends back to when they were new.  They are 
definitely noisy even when they are in perfect condition, and this many 
years on they tend to be quite unreliable even if they have been 
thoroughly gone through.  Also, something I haven't seen mentioned much 
is that the last decade (LSD) is purely for decoration.  The accuracy of 
the 332 on its best day is worse than one division of the second-last 

In my expeience, the original choppers work very well unless they are 
broken.  I do not expect that a chopper-stabilized op amp would provide 
meaningful improvement.

I advise passing on the 332A/B/D and holding out for a 5440B.  You will 
not be sorry.

Best regards,


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