[volt-nuts] Need Fluke 332B PCB contacts

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Mon Jul 31 10:33:09 EDT 2017

Yes, that's the mod that I'm looking to do.  I got a PCB from Andreas 
Bergmann (he's on this list frequently) for postage from Germany.   Good 
quality board.

All of the parts used on the board are readily available, except for a set 
of the Elco contacts.   I sent an email to AVX a couple days ago, but after 
more reading on the EEVBLOG thread, I don't hold much hope that those 
contacts will still be available.  Possibly a surplus store or hamfest will 
be the only possible remaining source.

Might be possible to salvage the contacts from the old chopper board, which 
is pretty much useless as it is, because the chopper is totally dead (got 
good drive, but totally dead).

Not all of the contact positions are actually used, so there's a bit of a 
fudge factor there.  I think that 5 of the positions are not used by the 
circuit.. The board from Andreas is a 2-sided board with plated-through 
holes, so that will offer some mechanical strength for the contacts.

Dave M

roman wrote:
> Dave,
> Re your chopper board upgrade - are you looking at the design from
> friedrich-messtechnik.de? I have been thinking about the chopper as
> part of my ongoing project to "improve" my 332B. I have some
> questions about the chopper - is this a good place, or is it better
> to start a thread on eevblog (or somewhere else)?
> Roman
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> Subject: [volt-nuts] Need Fluke 332B PCB contacts
> Does anyone have any surplus (or for sale) of the bifurcated contacts
> used on the PCB assemblies in a Fluke 332B DC Voltage Standard?
> They're identified as ELCO/AVX Varicon Series 5208 contacts, p/n
> 02-016-013-5-200.
> Need at least 16 of them for an upgraded chopper amp replacement
> board, needed to get my 332B back in operation.
> Dave M

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