[volt-nuts] Need Fluke 332B PCB contacts

roman romeo987 at westnet.com.au
Sun Jul 30 20:48:18 EDT 2017

Re your chopper board upgrade - are you looking at the design from
friedrich-messtechnik.de? I have been thinking about the chopper as part of
my ongoing project to "improve" my 332B. I have some questions about the
chopper - is this a good place, or is it better to start a thread on eevblog
(or somewhere else)?

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Subject: [volt-nuts] Need Fluke 332B PCB contacts

Does anyone have any surplus (or for sale) of the bifurcated contacts used
on the PCB assemblies in a Fluke 332B DC Voltage Standard?  They're
identified as ELCO/AVX Varicon Series 5208 contacts, p/n 02-016-013-5-200.

Need at least 16 of them for an upgraded chopper amp replacement board,
needed to get my 332B back in operation.

Dave M 

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