[volt-nuts] Two 4338B high resistance meters fail on the same range - Keysight can't adjust EEPROM of either.

geoelectronics at rallstech.net geoelectronics at rallstech.net
Wed May 2 12:10:35 EDT 2018

Well, that "fixed" my instrument. There was no battery inside. Rather
the "battery test" was reading the charge on the main power supply
capacitor. It must be of high quality because it keeps a charge for a
considerable time. 

Everything works just fine ad tracks precisely with my bench instrument.

Because I have now 2 instruments, I feel secure. Today I had to test
some new 

IET 1 Ohm and GR old stock .01 Ohm decade switch modules 

George Dowell 

On 2018/05/02 09:45 AM, geoelectronics at rallstech.net wrote: Thank you I
will open it. hop guidelines we use to deal  with our
inadequate equipment (which are may when it comes to high precision). 

George Dowell

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