The First and Only Multi-Multi FMT

In the dubious achievement category, in November, 2003, a group of hams from the Midwest VHF-UHF Society operated perhaps the first and only multioperator, multi-measurement station in the history of the ARRL Frequency Measuring Test. N8ASB, WB8GXB, and N8UR gathered (with some onlookers) in N8UR's basement. Meanwhile N8ZM, who was called away on a business trip, tried to copy the W1AW signal from his car in a rest area on Interstate 75 (the first ever FMT rover station?), but unfortunately ignition and inverter noise got the better of him.

We all used different gear for our measurements, but (except for the peripatetic N8ZM) used a common antenna (Gap Titan vertical) and frequency reference (HP 5065A Rubidium standard).

Here are a few pictures of the festivities, taken by N8ASB and WB8IFM both during the FMT and during the set-up session the weekend before.

Daun, N8ASB, anxiously awaits the beginning of the test.

John, N8UR, holds forth.

Tuning W1AW on 80 Meters.

Real-time spectrum analysis.

Tom, N8ZM, preparing for his mobile operation.

Mike, WB8GXB, hard at work.

The frequency standard racks at N8UR.