Setting Up a New LAN

If you are establishing a new amateur radio TCP/IP LAN in Ohio (we don't handle coordination for other states), you may request a block of IP addresses. A "LAN" is defined as a group of ham TCP/IP stations communicating on a single frequency, using a single speed, who can all work each other directly. We don't coordinate individual addresses; if you are experimenting and not connecting to the rest of the network, there is a block of experimental addresses you may use without further coordination.

To assign an IP subnet for your LAN, we need the follwing information: Administrator's name, call, packet address (if any), email address (if any), US mail address, the LAN's location (city and county of the primary switch/server), its frequency and speed, and the number of hosts you anticipate will be assigned during the next two years. If you're setting up a system with multiple RF channels, each channel is treated as a separate LAN.

We'll assign a block (typically 16 or 32) of addresses for the LAN. The administrator will be expected to assign addresses to individual hosts on the LAN, and to regularly let us know what addresses have been assigned so we can keep the master database current.

Please email this info to and we'll get back to you with an assignment.