[time-nuts] Administrivia: Please don't use the "Spam" button to unsubscribe

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Wed May 14 08:35:48 EDT 2008

From: John Ackermann N8UR <jra at febo.com>
Subject: Re: [time-nuts] Administrivia: Please don't use the "Spam" button to unsubscribe
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 08:22:57 -0400
Message-ID: <482AD9A1.80009 at febo.com>

> Neon John wrote:
> > Wouldn't that be kind of a good thing?  I mean, can the intersection of the
> > set of AOL members and the set of folks who can understand what we discuss
> > here contain more than a couple of people?  And wouldn't it be a GOOD thing to
> > give those folks a good reason to get a REAL ISP and bid AOHell goodbye?
> Except that it stops *any* mail from febo.com going to *any* AOL 
> address.  So I can't email my (hypothetical) great-grandmother, and AOL 
> subscribers on the other dozen or so lists I run (ham radio, not T&F 
> related) are out of luck.
> And I don't think it's fair to paint all AOL users with that kind of 
> brush, anyway...

Now, while there be some legitimate and some unlegitimate issues with AOL, here
and also before and probably also in the future, I don't think this is the time
and place to divulge into a pro or con discussion of AOL. The original message
was actually quite balanced, only asking AOL users wishing to unsubscribe NOT
to use the SPAM button as this will have unwanted sideeffects. That was not AOL
bashing, it was only acknowledging an AOL specific feature and the sideeffects
of that feature when missused.

What happend after that is just a waste of time and peoples temper, not aiding
in the improvement of the groups skills in the art of time anf frequency.

So, *PLEASE* drop it.


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