[time-nuts] Morion MV89A Repair

Bob Camp lists at rtty.us
Sun Feb 26 16:20:16 UTC 2012


The paper mentions HC-40 crystals. They probably have the crystal drive current cranked down to optimize short term stability at 1 sec and longer. The phase noise floor takes a back seat.

The other interesting thing in the paper is that the short term numbers shown aren't into parts in the 13th.


On Feb 25, 2012, at 9:11 PM, "John Miles" <jmiles at pop.net> wrote:

>> Are the specs at 5 MHz or at 10? They should be 6 db worse at 10 than at
> 5.
> Now that I'm looking back at the data sheet posted with the auction, they
> were indeed specified at 5 MHz.  But even after the 6 dB penalty, their spec
> limits versus their real-world numbers are pretty marginal.
> Morion actually announced this particular oscillator at IFCS 2002, so
> there's a paper of sorts:
> http://www.ke5fx.com/Morion_MV89A_IEEE_IFCS_2002.pdf .  Figure 4 was taken
> from a 10 MHz part, but all three of the ones I've tested look like the
> attached.  Same as figure 4 until about 200 Hz... then they never go any
> lower.
> -- john
> <mv89a_pn.png>
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