[time-nuts] Net4501's cheap...

Andy Bardagjy andy at bardagjy.com
Thu May 23 12:11:40 EDT 2013

The net4501s went way up in price, but there is a seller offering a lot of
five net4521 boards plus five 64MB CF cards for $80 - and he is willing to
accept less if you make an offer. Try lot 320744604969.

They seem to be the same as a net4501 but with two PCMCIA slots. I was
gonna try to run NTPd on it for a work project, though I've also got a few
BeagleBone Blacks hanging around.

Andy Bardagjy

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 1:14 AM, mike cook <mc235960 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Le 23 mai 2013 à 03:31, Jim Sanford a écrit :
> > Do you have any documentation on how to use them?  I have one that I
> bought to be an internet access point with a verizon card, failed due to
> verizon not complying with the RFCs.  Love the device, but no information
> on ports, etc.  Might want to play with it, or could make it available.
> >
>   User manuals, firmware etc from the Soekris.com site and there is plenty
> of OS installation/admin doc visible on the web. They marry with PCI or
> mini-PCI wifi cards that can be found cheaply. Mine were running FreeBSD
> but there are other flavors that support it. I say were because their power
> supplies failed after around 5years 24/24. The 4801s of the same vintage
> are still going.
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