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Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Mon Apr 23 19:40:33 UTC 2012

> From: "Marvin E. Gozum" <marvin.gozum at jefferson.edu>
> Hello all good folks:
> A little bit off topic, but this defunct company with a heyday from ~
> 1950s-1980s made very good bench linear PSU, including a line called
> 'precision power supplies', something more labeled precision voltage
> sources today.  However, the precision series was capable of 0.5-4A
> output.
> A user could dial a VDC set precisely to uV levels on most voltage
> ranges, and could hold its dial setting to single digit uV for ~ >= 8
> hours, but to 100uVs over a month.
> I'm interested in anyone who can give their impression of the history
> of this company, their experience with their products, or have
> advertisements or scans of their catalog of equipment during their
> prime.

I used to repair and calibrate lots of Power Designs supplies back in the 
late 60s and early 70s.  They were always top-notch supplies, very low noise 
& ripple, and seldom failed.
For instance, the ripple/noise spec for the model 5015 was < 250uV RMS. amd 
stability was 0.01% +5mV per 8 hours.
The model 2020 precision supply ripple/noise was 100uV P-P, and stability 
was 0.001% + 100uV per 8 hours.  Very nice supplies.
I have several of the PDI supplies in my shop, and use them often.  They are 
excellent supplies.  I love the constant current mode on them; that feature 
has saved more than one project from going up in flames.
I have a model C500 (0-100V/0.5V precision supply) that needs repair.  The 
reference assy is bad; haven't had time to get into it.
If you need manuals, I have PDF copies of a few models, (mainly models that 
I have in my shop).  Post your interests and if I have the manual, I'll send 
it to you.

Dave M
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