[volt-nuts] vSolartron7081 rom reading

David C. Partridge david.partridge at perdrix.co.uk
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If all you want is to save the calibration factors, just issue CALIBRATE,DUMP command

To refresh the EAROM calibration factors, issue CALIBRATE,REFRESH - barring component failure that should be good for another ten years or so.  You can also display the NVM contents with the MONITOR command, but NOT re-write them.

The only way that I am aware of that will write the caibration constants if they have been lost is to run a full calibration.

Again all this in chapter 8.

I don't know which ROM programmers that can read or write the ER3400 (just ignorance - there may be loads).

David Partridge
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Hi David,

well it is currently working and close to calibrated as far as I can tell. But I want to get those calibration factors saved before it dies on me. Last calibrated 2008, and well down on drift by now.

I get a diurnal 0.14 microvolt drift with a shorting plug that stays on when not in use. a drift of about 0.1 microvolts in about 3 weeks. Nothing else to confirm anything else as I have only just got it chatting out through the rs232.

I will have to buy something to read them with.

M K 

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