[volt-nuts] 732A rear panel battery connector

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Mon Oct 20 09:23:39 EDT 2014

Randy wrote:

>Does anyone have a spare connector plug for the 732A external battery
>*** ( I saw several in discussions but I'm not sure which is the best part
>number to use).

Back in March, I reported on my friend's adventure to get the contact 
bodies and contacts from Fluke.  The problem was, the designers of 
the 732A used male pin contacts in the panel receptacles and female 
socket contacts in the cable plugs -- backwards from the way they are 
used by every other user of those connectors (including the present 
Fluke users -- they are used in certain medical equipment).  Fluke 
understood the problem and told him they planned to create a new part 
number with the right components for the 732A, and would let him know 
what it was.

Having heard nothing since then, I asked my friend if he had heard 
back from Fluke.  He had not, so he called his Fluke contacts and was 
told that Fluke had decided not to catalog the plugs for the 
732A.  So, Kensington Electronics is probably the best source.

Best regards,


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