[volt-nuts] Anyone got a photo of a 3458A with "new volt" printed on it?

Frank Stellmach frank.stellmach at freenet.de
Wed May 31 13:54:00 EDT 2017

Hello Dave,

no, pity, I don't have a photo of such a sticker.

But I remember, that I got my first 3458A at Aachen university in 
November 1989.
The latest change on the volt happened exactly 1st January 1990, that 
was also the last change towards the still valid SI-1990.
So I had a brand new 3458A, with the old Volt, which became invalid 
about 2 months later.
As the instrument came directly from the U.S., with the U.S. Volt 
inside, the change was quite big, about 7ppm, or so.

I assume, that these stickers date from beginning of 1990, then.

The next redefinition of the Volt will very probably happen end of next 
year, for SI-2018.

There will be no stickers, as the change this time will be a few tenths 
of a ppm.
Afterwards, the Volt definition then will be 'exact', with zero 
uncertainty, instead of about 0.2ppm at the moment.


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